HelloSign Mobile Web design for the eSignature company's marketing website. Designed by Jonathan Holt in Oakland, Califormia.


2018 - 2021

I was hired as a Senior Brand Designer at HelloSign. In my time at HelloSign, I have created many assets that directly contribute to the brand's visual language. Assets include, web pages, ads, illustrated blog images, a product illustration library, swag, and a Dreamforce booth.

I had the opportunity to redesign the HelloSign homepage in collaboration with Berenice Mendez. This included a lottie animation for the hero. We elevated the pricing to the homepage level, and also cut down any language that wasn't clear and concise.

An animated gif of the HelloSign Homepage hero section design. Featuring the building of a form for esignature.
A mobile homepage website design by Jonathan Holt in Oakland, California.
The full Homepage design by Jonathan Holt, during his time as Senior Brand Designer at HelloSign, a Dropbox Company.

A larger project that I worked on, was being the designer on HelloSign's localization effort. The website was translated into 22 languages. With this, came a landing page explaining what an esignature is, social, a language selector in the site's navigation, a blog post and over 100 assets across the site that needed to be updated. The result from this effort was a 200% increase in sign ups.

HelloSign updated their product HelloWorks. I was able to create a landing page that reflected the new product offering. I collaborated with a product designer, product manager, and a project manager on this project.

This is an older project, but one of my favorites. Berenice and I created an ad campaign for HelloWorks, that was heavily illustrated. I wrote the headline for these. The design was a lot of fun to put together. This project was prior to the redesign, so the look and feel is not consistent with the rest of the work.

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