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I am a Senior Brand Designer at Opendoor, a real estate tech company. Building trust with a customer to get them to buy and sell a home with the click of a mouse, was an interesting challenge for a brand designer to tackle. Opendoor has taught me a lot in the short time that I have been working there.

Opendoor illustration library - one of my ongoing projects since starting at Opendoor, has to take what the illustration agency DKNG had done, and build out the style, and push it further. My initial goal was to become familiar with the style and create assets that the team could pull as needed. My second goal was to explore where we could take the style in the future.

I was able to work on internal brand projects, such as swag, a mural, and various internal program branding. I always love the amount of variety in the type of work that I get to do.

I get to work on many blog images at Opendoor. I use this as an opportunity to make things that are fun to look at, editorial, and have good storytelling, to celebrate our users and markets.

I was tasked with creating simple paid social ads for our buy and sell your home feature.

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